Secure Code Review Services

Security code review is the process of auditing the source code for an application to verify that the proper security controls are present, that they work as intended, and that they have been invoked in all the right places. Code review is a way of ensuring that the application has been developed so as to be “self-defending” in its given environment.

Manual security code review provides insight into the “real risk” associated with insecure code. This is the single most important value from a manual approach. A human reviewer can understand the context for certain coding practices, and make a serious risk estimate that accounts for both the likelihood of attack and the business impact of a breach

Secure Code reviews are conducted during and at the end of the development phase to determine whether established security requirements, security design concepts, and security-related specifications have been satisfied. Our Security Code Review team will be part of your Internal / Vendor Development Team during the initial System Design stage as well as during the testing stage and will do a thorough code review to eliminate all possible vulnerabilities as documented in OWASP Top 10 and SANS Top 20.