CERTIFIED SECURITY AWARE CxO : 1 Day : For C Level & Senior Managers

Introduction to Cyber Security

  • What is Security, Vulnerabilities & O-Days, Attack life Cycle, Different Attack Vectors
  • Threats Vs. Risks, Why Perimeter defenses are failing? Why Anti-Virus is not enough?
  • Financial Implications of a Cyber Attack
  • Why Cyber Security is a C – Level Activity?

Latest Attack Trends

  • Business Email Compromise (BEC) (Demo)
  • Ransomware (Demo)
  • Advanced Persistent Threat (Demo)
  • Mobile Malwares (Demo)
  • Identity Theft (Demo)
  • Web Data Breach (Demo)
  • Technologies, Policies & Strategies to Defend these attacks

Way to Move Forward : Mitigating & Managing Cyber Security

  • Again, Why Cyber Security is a Boardroom activity?
  • Security Obligations by Role
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Managing Cyber Risk through a Governance Framework
  • Mitigating Risk through Cyber Insurance
  • Applying Business Intelligence to Cybersecurity
  • How to handle During and After a Breach ?