This solution is designed to ensure customers pay their payments that are due. It also ensures all payment collection are captured and stored in the database.

1) Calendar and Follow-up

With this feature, the user can follow up with the customer regarding overdue payments. Every time the customer is being called regarding the payment, it is being captured into the calendar. This will enable the other users to know when the next call should be made, the date the customer was called and the number of times the customer have been called.

2) Auto-Email Alerts

Automatic e-mail notifications can also be sent by the system to the customers whenever the customer have exceeded the credit limit or exceeded the credit term period. These notifications can be sent at the end of the month or at a date that can be decided by the client.

3) Receipt Generators

The Receipt Generator will be responsible to capture all payment collection information. This module allows the users to perform receipt entry when the payment is received and generate and print the physical receipt.