A Web Based Contract Lifecycle Management Platform that provides a rich suite of tools to automate the business processes associated with creating and managing contracts and agreements.

Complete Online Repository of Contract Information :

Offers creation of comprehensive repository of contract templates. Included in the repository is an audit trail which records each contract revision and the person who made the change. This information can be used to increase efficiency, as well as, provide a valuable resource during a financial audit or to support litigation.

Ability to Capture Contract Images and Associated Documents :

Contracts can store the contract image in jpeg or related format in addition to all associated documents. This saves hours of time manually retrieving approved documents and means that approved contracts are available to authorized individuals at the click of a mouse.

Support for All Contract Types :

Contracts can be used to manage any type of document involved in revenue or service execution including NDAs, Quotations, Change Orders, and Orders.

Complex Workflow :

Any business process into which Contract Management is injected has numerous rules that govern it and a myriad of decision points that can, if not properly monitored, turn into time consuming chokepoints. Contracts includes a highly configurable and flexible workflow engine that can accommodate the most complex business rules and that offers a wide array of notifications and alerts to help prevent a business process from needlessly stalling or slowing down.

Seamless Integration :

Contracts is developed in Microsoft .Net Framework using Microsoft SQL as its database. You can use Web Services to access Contracts and this allows you to manage contractual agreements seamlessly across your enterprise.

Features :

  • Multi User by Department & Region
  • Multiple Template to create Contract Type
  • Multiple Contract within each Contract Type
  • Contract Approval Workflow for each Contract Type
  • Contract View Approval Workflow for each Contract
  • Contract Expiry Alert Workflow
  • Contract Approval History
  • Contract View Approval History
  • Contract Audit Trail
  • User Profile
  • Email