Development of new condominiums, corporate offices and residential township in Malaysia have grown exponentially for the past decade especially in urban areas. The demand for better, more efficient and user friendly service from the condo residents have grown as well. However, the management and Joint Management Body (JMB) are unable to meet the demand due to: -

  • Shortage of staff to handle different request / complaints
  • No centralized / integrated system to handle various requirements of building & leasing management.
  • No proper system to serve the residents
  • Too much paperwork
  • Currently available systems are management-centric / focuses on management tasks.
  • No proper coordination between management, service providers (e.g. security guards), committee, developer and resident.
  • Delay in resolving issues and implementing enhancement / upgrade
  • Inefficient management of move in / move out of tenants
  • Limited functionality in property management software for lead management & marketing / advertising of empty units.

In line with this requirement for better, efficient and more user-friendly system, our PropSolution offers a flexible and mobile focused services to all the different players in the residential, commercial & corporate property management environment. The system is called PropSolution, will incorporate a responsive web based system and mobile apps with push notification technology for faster notification.

PropSolution has 14 different modules that covers various aspect of property management which include Security, Facility management, Complain, Accounts & Credit Control, Marketing / Advertisement and Defect Management.

PropSolution is developed based on SAAS model / subscription basis in which each subscribed residential / commercial/ corporate building will have their own portal which highlights the property facilities, location and features. A centralized public portal also will be developed that can be used by subscribed owners for advertisement placement and to allow public to view information about available units and other services in the site.

Some of the unique features available in the PropSolution are: -

  • Digital Pooling
  • Leasing Management
  • Mobile Panic Alarm
  • Visitor Management using QR Code
  • Digital Defect Management
  • Knowledge Base on House Rules, Housing Act & Owner’ Right
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Electronic Booking of Facilities Using Mobile
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Community Improvement Activities
  • Marketing & Advertisement

The PropSolution is built using latest and innovative technologies in which a single code base will be used for development of both web and mobile version and it can be installed and implemented across multiple different mobile platform such Android, iOS, blackberry and Windows.

This will reduce development time and maintenance effort as any modification / changes need to be done only once for different platform in comparison with native application development which require changes for each different platform.

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