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Procurement Solution enables the integration of purchasing department with account payables department. Vproc links the procurement process and financial department. Vproc steps are includes:

  • Supply management
  • Cart or requisition
  • Purchase order
  • Receiving
  • Invoice reconciliation
  • Accounts payable

Our P2P Solution- Vproc makes things much easier when someone has to make the decision to implement new software that will change the way all people in a company are working. These executives can decide to fully automate all processes related to 100% of the spending for the entire company, even on a pilot / shotgun rollout strategy. That makes company reorganization and transformation happen much faster, once the decision has been made.

Vproc benefits:-

Procure at:

  • Right time
  • Right quality
  • Right quantity
  • Right place
  • Right source


Requisitions :

A robust and flexible Workflow lets you to track and control your requisition through invoice matching. This requisition is auto-routed for approval to line managers and approval groups.

Attachments :

Originating Requester can upload just about anything (pictures, web pages and etc) for clarity purposes.

Advanced Search :

The system provides you flexibility to search orders based many filters such as order number, order status, supplier name and etc.

Approval Controls :

The system offers auditable control whereby the limit can be pre-defined for PO that exceeds the criteria. Business rules can be configured for individual approvers or pool of approvers. The Approver may approve or cancel the request.

Budget Check :

Prior to PO approval, the Approver will get to view the budget availability and budget availability post approval.

Profile Management :

This feature lets you to manage the users. The user can be profiled by roles and functions.

Delivery :

The delivery location details are auto-generated in the purchase request and delivery location can be set as default. Delivery instructions can be tied to pre-set delivery points and these instructions are auto-generated on the purchase request upon creation.

Vendor Management :

This is basic Vendor Management feature that lets you to manage vendor/ supplier details such as company location, currency, supplier/ commodity code and etc. This turns handy to cross-match the data for management reporting and trend analysis.

Compliance :

This feature auto-generates advisory information on each purchase request or RFQ to ensure that supplier/ vendor comply to your company rules and regulation.

Contract Milestone Manager :

This basic Contract Management feature that automatically updates Contract Manager on important milestone events. It keeps the track of all uploads (pictures, documents, webpage) throughout the life of the Contract.


This feature allows you to create and manage RFQ electronically or manually. Suppliers can be selected using cross-reference criteria, supplier history via statics of previous RFQ's and etc. RFQ can be dispatched electronically and supplier may respond via embedded URL.

Sourcing/ Bid Evaluation :

This function provides detailed description of all bidder with RFQ Number, Issue Date, RFQ date, RFQ status, Buyer, Supplier code and etc.

Reporting :

The reporting is available for your strategic decision making based on extensive array of reports and listing with comprehensive breakdown. Budgetary control can be exercised based upon cross matching capability that provides full financial analysis.

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