Major Projects Undertaken

We have delivered several projects for the one and only agency in the country that acts as a single window for customs declaration. Below are the list of projects delivered for this client: -

Project Name: Unified Billing System (UBS) – Enterprise Billing System

Project Description: -

The Unified Billing System is developed mainly to cater for our client’s transaction billing requirements and to provide statistical and analytical reporting capabilities. The UBS System processes about 5 million transactions per month from various source applications.

The Unified Billing System (UBS) incorporates features such as

  • Dynamic extractor: - which allow administrators to dynamically add/edit/remove external application source for transaction extraction. It also incorporates table and field mapping capabilities.
  • Billing Engine: - Incorporates transaction rating features with priority based discount and rating mechanism. Generates the bill at the end of each billing cycle.
  • Reporting: - Provides reporting capabilities to generate reports such as Top N Customer Report, Customer Analysis Report, Billing Report, etc.
  • Alert & Notification: - Incorporates on-screen alerts and email notification for payment reminder.
  • Posting: - Posting of billing Information to back-end financial system. UBS also extract customer’s outstanding and payment information from the financial system.
  • Administration & Privileges Assignment: - System & user privileges maintenance functions.

Project Name: Sales Module System – Account Receivable System

Project Description: -

The Sales Module System is developed to cater for Account Receivables, Sales and Payment Collection requirements at our client’s HQ & branches. It incorporates the following features: -

  • Account Receivables Entry: - This includes sales invoice, receipts, credit sales note and debit sales note entries and posting.
  • Branches Sales and Collection entries
  • Reporting features to monitor branches performance and sales.
  • Desktop banking feature to reconcile electronic statements from various banks.
  • Flexible Rating & Discount Mechanism: - Able to cater for various rating and discount mechanism (e.g. by block, by documents, by items, etc.)

Project Name: Facilitation Point System (DFP) – Branch Sales Entry & Collection System

Project Description: -

The system is a web-based system that captures daily sales and payment collections of all their facilitation points (DFP). The system also has the capability to generated receipts for over the counter sales and reporting features to monitor the DFPs performance and sales. The system also caters for royalty calculation for each DFP. This system is integrated with the Sales Module System and Unified Billing System (UBS).

Project Name: Bill Presentment Customer Portal

Project Description: -

The Customer Portal is a web-based system that allows the clients customers to view their latest bills online, customize the bills according to their needs and download the bills as a PDF file or Excel data file. The Customer Portal incorporates the following features: -

  • Online Bill Viewing, Printing and Downloading functions
  • Customization of bill format via drag & drop function with rollback capabilities
  • Online Performance & Statistical Report
  • Online Billing Related Request
  • Email Notification and e-Billing features
  • Online Payment Module via payment gateway.

Project Name: UBS Enhancement – Non-Transactional Charges

Project Description: -

To enhance the current billing system to incorporate the following features: -

  • To implement Late Payment Charges / Early Payment Rebates (multi – tier)
  • To develop functionality to send reminders via email and fax (integration with RightFax)
  • To develop functionality to send statement of accounts via email and fax (integration with RightFax)
  • To develop functions for user to enter and maintain non-transactional charges

Project Name: Credit Management System

Project Description: -

To enhance the current billing system to include credit management features that assist credit control personal in their day-to-day activities. The Credit Management System incorporates the following features: -

  • Dashboard: - To allow user to track credit control activities in a single screen.
  • KPI Monitoring: - To allow user to compare the actual department performance against the targeted KPI.
  • Reports: -Performance and Statistical Report
  • Credit Control: - incorporates automatic account suspension and account release features. Includes other features such as stop list, reminders and statement of account.
  • Reconciliation: - To reconcile against UBS and the financial system.

Project Name: Billing Automation

Project Description: -

To enhance the current billing system to enable automation of billing system. This includes daily data extraction and filtering, transactions rating and generation of bill at the end of billing cycle. Additionally, exception reporting and notification features are included as well.

Project Name: Prepaid System

Project Description: -

To cater for prepaid services for low volume customers and customers that has credit issues. The prepaid services support following features: -

  • Customer Account Top Up feature
  • Account Reversal for wrongly top up
  • Integration with other core applications via web services
  • Balance auto-deduction based on transactions status

Project Name: Tier Rate Charging System

Project Description: -

To cater tier rate based charging mechanism for our clients Billing Model. The UBS - Tier Rate enhancement supports the following features: -

  • Incorporates feature to flexibly create and maintain multiple charging mechanism
  • Incorporates multiple tier models such as Transactions Tier, Discount Tier and Accumulation Tier.
  • Incorporate feature for users to create multiple tier range in particular tier model.
  • Includes extensive validation for each tier model.
  • Incorporates Usage Tracking features that track usage of each customers

Project Name: UBS Enhancement – Credit Card

Project Description: -

To cater for payment via credit card at our client’s HQ and branches. Include feature to validate the credit card number based on card type (e.g. MasterCard, Visa, etc).

The following projects were delivered for one of the leading multinational banking firm in Malaysia: -

Project Name: Computer Based Training System (CBT)

Project Description: -

System is designed to cater for internal user evaluation and testing process. The system provides users the flexibility to manage the test questions and answers, monitor users’ attendance and performance in the tests, and generate necessary reports and certificates.

The CBT system also provides the following administrative functions:

  • Add, edit and delete user information
  • Resetting of user password in case the user forgot his/her password.
  • Add, edit and delete test information
  • Creation of different section for a particular test and assigning of test questions to each test.

Apart from that, the CBT system able to keep track the number of times a particular user has taken a particular test and automatically calculates the test score immediately after a test has been taken. The CBT system also allow the user who have passed the test to preview his/her certificate on-screen and if required print the certificate.

Project Name: IDEAL SYSTEM – Project Management Application

Project Description: -

The IDEAL System is designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of project management and project monitoring based on the IDEAL methodology (Initiate, Diagnose, Explore, Act and Leverage). The system serves as a centralized system for all users to track and manage their project using a common approach. The users have the facilities to create a new project template or edit their uncompleted projects.

User friendly and easy to use data entry screens are provided for users to enter necessary data in the project templates. The user able to generate MS PowerPoint slides at the end of each IDEAL phase.

The system also caters various types of graph and charts (for e.g. Histogram, Pie Chart, Control Charts, Fish Bone Diagram and Cross Functional Chart) that can be generated and added to the project template.

Project Name: Dashboard System

Project Description: -

Dashboard is a web-based data visualization solution designed to cater for analysis and statistical needs of customers. Wide-range of graphs and tables can be generated using the periodic data entered by users. The graphs generated can be used to compare department/unit performance, sales figures and resource utilizations. The system also allows user to enter information such as remark or action plan based on the generated graph or table. All graphs with their respective remarks or action plan can be exported to MS PowerPoint for presentation purposes.

The following project was delivered for a global service provider dealing mainly in the oil and gas and transport industry: -

Project Name: Reporting System

Project Description: -

Reporting System involves designing of reports for an Oil & Gas system.

The reports development includes the following features: -

  • Complex data mapping: - Mapping of multiple tables via SQL and dataset
  • Formulas calculation: - Calculation of well-related items such as surface losses, subsurface losses, etc
  • Unit Conversion: - Converting the standard metric units stored in database into user selected units during report generation
  • Report Selection Parameter: - Each report is generated based on parameter selected by user in the filter screen.

The Crystal Report Design & Development project also includes dynamic graph & chart generation based on user selection and information stored in the database. The reports will be generated on daily basis or by particular interval or well.

The following project was delivered for one of the government agency that deals with language and literature.

Project Name: Sistem Persuratan Melayu (SPM)

Project Description: -

The SPM System is designed and developed to assist Bahagian Sastera (Literature Department) in their daily operation and management tasks. The SPM System incorporates the following modules: -

  • Workflow System Module: - To develop necessary features and functions for each process of workflow system (e.g. planning, preliminary research, approval process, etc).
  • Project Management & Monitoring Module: - To design & develop required features and functionality for different phases / stages of project management lifecycle (e.g Project Planning & Initialization, Project Approval, Budgeting, etc).
  • Korpus Sastera: - To design and develop automatic text-tagging corpus engine that is based on Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Standards. The corpus engine will read and tag digitalized literature materials into a form of analytical output data automatically.
  • Search Engine: - incorporate dtSearch as backend search engine and develop necessary user interface for front –end functions.
  • Personalized Desktop: - To access and extract information from meta-data to display the selected information from multiple applications in a single view. The view will be based on the user type and access privileges.

The following project was delivered for a government owned agency dealing with digital transformation in the country:-

Project Name: e-Leave & e-Training System

Project Description: -

The e-Leave & e-Training system is a workflow system that supports staff leave & training application and approval process.

The e-Leave module incorporates the following features: -

  • Leave Status Update: - Allow user to check their application status
  • Leave Application – Allow user to apply their leave online.
  • Leave Approval: - Allow the HOD or supervise to approve / reject the leave application.
  • Leave Adjustment: - Allow user to adjust their leave dates.
  • Leave Cancellation: - Allow user to cancel their applied leave.
  • Leave History: - Display the history of the user leave application.

The e-Training module incorporates the following features: -

  • Training Application: - Allow user to choose and apply for training. The system supports for user to apply for internal as well as external training based on MDeC’s training calendar.
  • Training Status Update – Allow user to check on the training status.
  • Training Approval: - Allow the HOD or supervise to approve / reject the training application.
  • Training Adjustment: - Allow user to adjust their training dates.
  • Training Cancellation: - Allow user to cancel their applied training.
  • Training History: - Display the history of the user attended training.

The following project was delivered for a government agency dealing with land matters.

Project Name: e-Tanah System (N.Sembilan & Melaka) – Pelupusan (Disposal) Module

Project Description: -

e-Tanah is an integrated and fully computerized system to handle the management and administration of Land Offices in order to improve the speed and quality of service delivery to the public for all land related transactions.

The e-Tanah project features are as follows: -

  • Web-based technology
  • Integrated and standardized system
  • Integrate and adapt with all current systems (e.g. e-MMKN)
  • Consists of a Workflow System to get approvals at different levels within the land department.
  • Combination of centralized and distributed systems between Land Offices and Pejabat Tanah Galian (PTG) in the states
  • Enables the public to make payments online as well as check status of lands and etc.
  • Security features

The following project was delivered for a government agency involved in the tobacco industry:-

Project Name: e-Licensing System

Project Description: -

e-Licensing system is developed to monitor all the licensing activities for our client & it’s tobacco products. The modules of e-Licensing system include registration module, receipt printing module, application for new license, license renewal and payment module. The e-Licensing system also supports integration with Standard Accounting System for Government Agencies (SAGA), BLESS and FPX.

The following projects were delivered for a leading hypermarket in the country: -

Project Name: GST / Tax Invoicing System

Project Description: -

GST system is developed to extract POS data from each store for tax invoicing, tax relief credit notes and reporting purposes. The system was developed to support high transactional processing feature and extensive reporting capabilities.

Project Name: Sales Reconciliation System

Project Description: -

Sales Reconciliation System is developed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of performing sales reconciliation operation in their stores nationwide. The Sales Reconciliation System incorporates features such as ETL to extract sales data from receipt report, daily sales reconciliation entry, bank information maintenance, Voucher / Coupon Reconciliation, EPP Plan Reconciliation, Credit / Debit / Charge Card Sales Reconciliation and reporting features. The Sales Reconciliation System also support integration with SAP system for posting of sales information after reconciliation.

Project Name: Cashier KPI Management System

Project Description: -

Cashier KPI System is developed to evaluate cashier performance in stores based on data captured from the POS System. The Cashier KPI System incorporates features such as EJ file extraction to extract KPI data from receipts and generate required reports based on criteria provided. The Cashier KPI System also incorporates email alert and recovery process features.

Project Name: Special Markdown System

Project Description: -

Special Markdown System is designed and developed to identify and extract special markdown items from POS data based on criteria specified for each store and based on markdown percentage. The Special Markdown System also incorporates email alert, reporting features and user & system maintenance functions.

Project Name: Member Day Discount System

Project Description: -

Member Day Discount System is developed to allow our client to set and manage member day discount for multiple days with different discount percentage at one point of time. The system includes email alert, reporting features and system administration & maintenance features.

The following project was delivered for a premier Islamic financial institution in Malaysia:-

Project Name: Data Quality

Project Description: -

Data quality was implemented using a Data Cleansing Tool to extract, provide business logics and massage the data in order to continuously control, improve and achieve the benefits of having high quality data and information to run day to day task. The project involved methodologies called discover, develop, deploy and manage. The approached used here were done using tools to discover data conditions and moved on to develop business rules and finally proceeding to cleanse data that was deployed through batch and real-time services. These services are continually monitored and managed through the dashboard for any irregularities.